be dance la

My friend Heather, a dancer who is involved with Beautify Earth, is putting on a performance next weekend that will include not only dance, but live painting, poetry, and live music. It will be an evening of multiple creative expressions, so if you live near Venice, come out for a performance! You can get tickets here. I’ll be there next Friday evening, along with a few other artists, to have some work on display. It should be a fun event!



I’ve been working on a commission for a local couple the past several weeks. They were interested in a large piece that uses book pieces, and we decided I’d make something similar to the installation of book pieces I did for Bombshell salon this past fall.

So, I’ve been in the process of creating a large mosaic on a 4′ x 3′ piece of wood, and I am gaining a whole new respect for mosaic artists in the process! It is a much more complicated and labor intensive process than one might think. A shot from an angle…



The spirit behind things matters so much more than the action itself. You can take the same person and the same action, and in one case it might be the exact thing that’s necessary because of what is driving it, and in the other case it may be completely misdirected. It’s always what’s underneath that reveals the very essence of something.

Discernment is such a helpful life tool. But it easily becomes a very underdeveloped entity in a world that lives and breathes the external. We’re saturated with this outer layer of life from the moment we awake until we fall asleep again at night. But awareness of what’s inside, and the ability to shift it when necessary, is like gold…rare and of high value.

visual communication

I read an artist’s thoughts the other day about the visual landscape we live in and how it communicates to us constantly, often in ways we don’t consciously recognize. Given that I’m an artist, I guess it’d be natural to assume that I think about visual communication a lot. But, I actually don’t, day to day. Not consciously at least. I don’t think about what I’m trying to say when I make a pieces of art. I just make it, and then the message, if there is one, may become clear. Or not.

But this ambiguity doesn’t mean that what I make doesn’t affect others, or that the surrounding visual landscape doesn’t affect me. It does, but I think the impact happens on a less conscious, but deeper level. The sentiment that stood out to me from what I read was this: “The way we perceive is not only with the eyes. We can identify things by appearance, but in reality, we are perceiving the substance of the matter.” And I thought, yes. This is exactly how humans engage with the world. Visual recognition takes only an instant, but in that same moment we register somewhere inside of us the very substance or energy of what we are seeing. For good or for bad, this innate substance of something is what impacts our hearts and spirits. This is how we truly “see.” The eyes are just a tool for registering an image that then proceeds to penetrate a deeper layer within.

solo show

I have a solo show opening this Thursday at Gallery 417 in downtown LA – the reception will be in conjunction with the downtown art walk and starts at 6pm. There will be refreshments and live music, so come and enjoy if you’re nearby!